Automating Your Packaging Process

  • Is your packaging output struggling to meet product demand?
  • Is your packaging line racking up operational costs?
  • Is your packaging process not as efficient as you’d like it to be?

At some point or another, all businesses deal with challenges related to their packaging process. The packaging process is one of the most important parts of the supply chain, so it’s vital to do everything possible so that it runs smoothly. If you’re looking to meet demand, cut costs, and streamline your packaging process, it’s worth considering if packaging automation is right for your business. While automated packaging equipment can have high up-front costs to get things up and running, the benefits of automating your packaging process can easily recover those costs and make a world of difference on your bottom line.

Here’s how automating your packaging process can improve your business:

How Automation Can Improve Your Packaging Process

1. Automation Can Greatly Reduce Material Costs

Automated packaging equipment uses just the right amount of packaging materials for your products, which can lead to huge savings on material costs. Using your materials more effectively means you’ll be getting the most out of your materials, while also creating less material waste. Less material waste means you’ll be minimizing your impact on the environment as well – an EPA report from 2018 estimated that about 82 million tons of municipal solid waste (roughly 28% of total waste generated) is made up of containers and packaging alone.

2. Automation Lowers Labor Costs

Automated packaging equipment can also substantially lower labor costs. By delegating most of the packaging-related tasks to machines, you’ll be taking a huge workload off employees and enabling them to perform other tasks, which can make your packaging process even more efficient.

By utilizing automated equipment for packaging, you’ll also reduce the risk of injuries caused by repetitive motions, leading to fewer worker’s compensation claims, less productivity losses due to absences, and reduced healthcare premiums.

3. Automation Improves Efficiency and Output

Automated packaging equipment can package products much faster than humans can. This increased output allows you to keep up with demand as your business grows without crunching to meet deadlines and sales targets. Automation also makes it easy to scale production for relatively short-term-yet-intense increases in product demand (such as seasonal trends, limited-time sales, etc.) without the need for temporary hires to handle that demand.

Another potential benefit of automation is that it can save money when there is decreased demand as well. When sales are down, you won’t have to worry about letting employees go in order to balance out operating/labor costs against decreased revenue.

4. Automation Reduces the Risk of Defects or Damage

Automated packaging equipment always completes their defined tasks with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. They effectively remove the human error component from the equation, ensuring that packages are properly assembled every time. Mistakes made by human error during the packaging process can require a lot of time, effort, and money to correct. Automation greatly reduces the risks of packaging defects or damage. This is one of the main benefits of automation – keeping the production line free from holdups while ensuring your products are properly packaged and ready for shipping.

5. Automation Improves Quality Control

Building off our previous point, automation also greatly improves QC. By taking human error out of the packaging process, you are reducing the likelihood of sending out defective packages that lead to damaged products. Automating the packaging process greatly reduces the risk of replacements or returns, which are not only costly for your bottom line, but for your reputation, as well. This means that automating your packaging process will facilitate better customer satisfaction by building trust in your business.

Overall, automated packaging machines are a great ROI, saving you money by making your packaging process more efficient, reducing material and labor costs, and ensuring your products arrive safely. To see what automation solutions Preferred Packaging can provide for your business, get in touch with us online.

Looking to Automate Your Packaging Process?

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