Take advantage of our warehouse and assembly team to deliver packaging to your facility exactly as needed, when needed, saving you time, space and money.

PACKAGING PROCESS AUDIT – Our experienced professionals will visit your facility to learn more about the way you select, order, inventory and consume packaging materials. The more we know about your packaging, the better we can help you select the products and services that help run your business more effectively. We are solution focused without any bias towards specific materials. We are open-minded and creative in the quest for the most cost effective, performance based packaging materials for your product – custom or stock. It usually takes an hour or two to do the on-site survey which is followed by a written report listing our findings. Our goal is to find ways to save you time, space and money. This is a free service.

Our offerings include:

CUSTOM TAILORED WAREHOUSING – Use our space, tailored to your specific requirements.

KAIZEN EVENT – A Kaizen event takes a couple of days to complete. It is a “deep dive” into all aspects of packaging including reducing your number of SKU’s, minimizing packing time on the line and decreasing soft costs, etc. Please contact us for examples of Kaizens we have done for other customers.

KITTING AND ASSEMBLY – Learn how Preferred Packaging Products’ kitting and assembly services can support your supply chain and manufacturing activities.
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INVENTORY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS – Discover how our Inventory Management Program contributes to your bottom line. Click here for more details.