Preferred Packaging Products, founded in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, wants to protect our environment, and preserve its beauty and natural wonders. Providing sustainable packaging is a vital component of our package design process.

Packaging Development Program

Sustainability means different things to different people. Preferred Packaging Products will assist you in developing packaging solutions tailored to your specific requirements, sustainable and otherwise, using our formal Packaging Development Program.

Collaborative Design Review

Collaborative Design Review

Our Packaging Development Program is nothing new. After learning about your objectives, our team holds a Collaborative Design Review meeting. Then we design, test, and refine your packaging until we achieve the optimum design, what we call an Elegant Package.

Renewable Materials

The best package starts with a material-neutral design. We don’t play favorites. We connect the latest sustainable solutions from diverse materials and manufacturing processes to meet your objectives.

A sustainable materials design.

What is driving sustainability for your business?

  • ✓ EPR – Extended Producer Responsibility
  • ✓ LCA – Life Cycle Assessment
  • ✓ Zero Waste Certification
  • ✓ Circular Economy
  • ✓ EOL – End of Life


We have in-depth knowledge of local, national, and
global regulatory issues. We focus on solutions that help
you today and keep your packaging compliant as new
regulations take effect in the future.

Time to Review

Let’s challenge the status quo to achieve your goals. The practice of “we have always done it this way” has driven many package designs. Together we can help you break out of the mold and succeed with sustainable packaging solutions.

An all-corrugated pack that passed ISTA testing.
  • ✓ 3R’s (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse)
  • ✓ Recycled
  • ✓ Recyclable
  • ✓ Readily Recyclable
  • ✓ Compostable
  • ✓ Post Consumer Recycled

Stock Products

Preferred Packaging Products also offers many sustainable stock products to support general shipping supply needs. Paper dunnage, kraft paper, newsprint, biodegradable loose fill, and paper tapes to name a few.

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