How Your Packaging Choices Can Affect Sales

Choosing the right packaging for your products is no easy task. It’s definitely a struggle to balance material costs, the ability to keep your products safe, and the shipping costs associated with your packages in order to maximize profits. But what many people may not think of is how your packaging solutions can also affect your sales.

A 2019 survey found that over 70% of customers say that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. This means that if you’re not putting serious thought into your packaging design, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to attract more sales.

Here are 5 ways that your packaging choices can affect your sales, and what you can do to increase your sales potential:

5 Ways That Your Packaging Can Impact Sales

  1. High-Quality Packaging Offers Better Protection During Shipping

One of the main functions of packaging is to protect the products inside while in transit. Low quality packaging materials, not using the right amount of materials, or using the wrong type of materials for the items you’re shipping can greatly increase the risk of damaged goods arriving at your customer’s door. Returns, refunds, and loss of business from frustrated customers can greatly affect your bottom line, so make sure your packages are offering the right amount of protection for your products.

  1. Packaging Is A Great Way to Build Your Brand

Designing packaging that stands out and clearly displays your brand is another great way to increase sales. The immense popularity of the unboxing videos is proof that customers view a product’s packaging as part of the unboxing experience. An eye-catching package instantly lets customers know those are your products inside. Packaging that incorporates your brand logo and colors, limited-time/seasonal packaging designs, and even the way your products are presented inside the packaging are all things that can create memorable customer experiences.

  1. High-Quality Packaging Signals High-Quality Products

If two competitors are offering virtually identical products, but one is shipped in a high-quality package and the other in a nondescript brown box, customers will subconsciously think that the products in the high-quality package are of higher quality. If your packaging is nicer than the other guy’s, then that means your products must be nicer, too, right? Quality materials, branding, and a unique presentation all send trust signals that you care about your products, which equals greater value in customers’ minds.

  1. Packaging Can Help Customers Make Informed Decisions

Alongside protecting products and displaying your brand, your packaging can also be a useful tool to convey information about your products. Beyond just slapping a list of ingredients or features on the box, try to anticipate what kind of questions your customers may be asking when looking at your products:

  • “What’s the battery life of these wireless headphones if I only use them to listen to music? What if I also use them to make phone calls or voice chat?”
  • “Does this food/beverage contain ingredients I may be allergic to? Is it certified organic/vegan/keto-friendly?”
  • “Where does this company source the parts for this product? Is it assembled in the US or shipped from overseas?”

Using your packaging to provide information about your products will help customers make informed decisions, and make them feel more confident that they are spending their money on exactly what they want.

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging Is In High-Demand

One of the biggest buzzwords in the packaging industry is sustainability. With customers willing to spend more on products and packaging made with sustainable practices and materials, making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives can lead to increased sales as customers choose you over competitors who don’t. There have been several innovations in recent years of eco-friendly materials that can be used to make the packaging industry more sustainable.

Some eco-friendly packaging options include:

  • Cornstarch-based packaging
  • Corrugated bubble wrap and loose fill
  • Biodegradable air pillows
  • Seaweed-based packaging
  • Ecological textiles


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