Safer Shipping – Avoiding Broken Products and Improving Delivery Rate

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Safe shipping is a necessity in today’s ecommerce-driven world. Waiting for a purchase needs to be quick and painless; a few broken products, returns, and refunds can quickly ruin the reputation of an otherwise great business. Taking proactive steps can ensure that your products arrive safely and guarantee higher customer satisfaction ratings.

In this article, we’ll examine some strategies you can use to improve your shipping methods to keep your products safe during shipping and improve delivery rates:

Strategies for Safer Shipping

1. Use the Right Packaging Materials

The best defense against shipping-related issues is choosing high-quality packaging materials that best suit your products. The first step is to choose the right size package for your products. Packages that are too large leave room for items to rattle around inside, and they’re not very cost-effective either. Finding a package that allows just the right amount of protective materials inside will help cut down on shipping costs and keep items secured.

Some other tips include:

  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or rolled foam, and use void fillers to prevent items from moving around inside
  • Use anti-static or anti-moisture materials for sensitive items
  • Items sold in multiples should be wrapped individually
  • Package reinforcements like cardboard corner inserts and foam spacers can prevent the package from being crushed or having its corners damaged.

2. Package Testing and Quality Control

Package testing allows you to test how your packaging will hold up and avoid having fewer customers receiving broken or damaged products. Performing rigorous testing and quality checks on your packaging well before products are shipped will identify issues that can lead to damage during transit. If stock packaging solutions don’t seem to get the job done, then custom packaging solutions may be necessary to guarantee your products arrive safely

3. Provide Clear Handling Instructions

It can be incredibly frustrating for customers to have packages arrive damaged when the proper labeling and instructions could have prevented mishandling. Providing clear instructions with labels such as “Fragile: Handle With Care”, Anti-Static Labels, and Hazard Labels can prompt shipping personnel to take extra precautions when handling delicate items such as glass or electronics or potentially dangerous items like lithium batteries. Impact/Shock/Tilt indicators can also prompt package handlers to take extra care and will inform you where any damage occurred during shipping.

Making sure mailing and shipping labels are prominently displayed can also help prevent packages from being sent to the wrong place. This can cut down on shipping delays and reduce the risk of damage during that extra time in transit.

4. Utilize Package Tracking and Notifications

Implementing a tracking system for packages allows customers to monitor the progress of their shipments in real-time. All of the large carriers use package tracking, providing estimated delivery dates and sending notifications about shipping updates. Implementing a system on your end that will automatically provide customers with tracking numbers, shipping updates, and notifications of delays or when packages may arrive ahead of schedule will help manage customer expectations and reduce frustration.


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