Shipping Resolutions for 2024 – Succeeding with Every Package

With the new year in full swing, many people are busy working towards fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions. Making resolutions can work wonders towards helping people grow and make positive changes in their lives, and resolutions can also be made to improve your business as well. Surviving in today’s competitive market is no easy feat, and striving to make improvements in your business can help to cut costs, reduce stress, and improve your image.

Here are a few resolutions that can make a great improvement in your business and help it prosper throughout the new year:

5 New Years Shipping Resolutions for Businesses

1. Identify Your Biggest Shipping Issues from The Previous Year

A great way to lay out a game plan for the new year is to look back at your biggest headaches from the year before. Did you have problems with your carrier(s) not being able to reliably deliver goods on time and undamaged? Were you frequently waiting for parts or materials due to supply chain issues? Did you struggle to keep up with increases in demand during peak seasons? Taking an honest look at your struggles from the year before will allow you to determine the key issues to address going forward and leave them in the past.

2. Optimize Your Packaging

As shipping costs continue to rise and customers expect goods to arrive in one piece, it’s essential that you provide optimal packaging for your products in terms of both size and protection. Reducing package weight and size, bundling items together, and using the right materials for special items (waterproof, anti-static, etc.) are all ways to provide your products with the best protection possible while keeping shipping costs to a minimum.

If generic packaging doesn’t seem to be the best solution for your products, investing in custom package design may be the answer to your needs.

3. Improve Customer Support and Communication

One of the easiest ways to turn customers away from your business is to provide a bad customer experience. When issues arise, clear communication and quick response times can go a long way in preventing frustration and causing a customer to seek out your competitors in the future. Order tracking helps keep customers in the loop on the shipping status of their purchase, and offering different carrier options for shipping can also help improve the customer experience. Even something as simple as automated responses to out-of-hours calls or emails can help customers feel a bit more at ease when dealing with delays or other problems.

4. Make Supply Chain, Warehouse, and Logistics Improvements

Whether you are planning to expand your business or are gearing up for peak seasons, it’s vital that your supply chain can keep up with you. Some keys to improving your logistics management are:

  • Evaluate your standard operating procedures
  • Implement inventory management systems to optimize warehouse productivity
  • Expand your supply chain network to reduce the likelihood of parts or material shortages
  • Make use of transportation management systems to properly handle operations, vehicle and fleet organization, and infrastructure
  • Utilize automation equipment or consider outsourcing certain processes

5. Stay On Top of Shipping and Packaging Trends and Tech

The shipping and packaging industries are continuing to change and evolve, and taking advantage of new trends and technology can help you get a leg up on your competitors and better connect with your customers. Some trends that are expected to grow this year include:

  • Connected packaging: using QR codes, RFID tags, sensors, and other features to enhance the customer experience with online instruction manuals, links to buy related products, or security/verification features to reduce the spread of counterfeit goods
  • Increased use of sustainable and innovative packaging materials
  • Minimalist packaging design
  • Digital printing and finishing

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