Why Is Custom Packaging A Good Investment?

As a business owner, choosing the right packaging for your products is a huge undertaking. Packaging fills so many product needs: aesthetics, protection, brand recognition – all things that can “make or break” your products’ success. Many businesses, especially ones that ship through Amazon and the like, choose to use generic packaging due to its cost effectiveness. However, when looking to grow your business and stand out from the competition, generic packaging may be holding you back.

Here are 6 reasons why custom packaging is something that you should seriously consider for your products:

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Custom Packaging

1. Increased Brand Awareness and Value

In today’s retail world, brand awareness plays a significant role in your product’s performance (and your company’s as a whole). First impressions are key in retail; if you’re not presenting your brand prominently on your package, it can be hard to stand out from your competitors.

Branded packaging also stands out from plain brown boxes and plastic packaging. Unbranded, generic packaging doesn’t look or feel special; having your brand on the package sends subconscious trust signals to customers about quality and value.

2. Increased Customer Experience

Custom packaging can also be used to create a tailored customer experience. Presentation and unboxing have become big factors in customer satisfaction; going the extra mile to create a unique experience via your packaging can draw in new customers and ensure that they come back for more again and again.

3. Better Protection for Products

Custom packaging isn’t just for aesthetics – it also keeps your products safer during transit. Packaging that’s designed specifically for your products fits like a glove, reducing negative space inside of packaging. Foam or cardboard inserts can also be used to where extra rigidity is needed. Goods arriving damaged can put a serious dent in your brand’s image; it’s vital to make sure that your products arrive safely.

4. Function, Form, and Style

Custom packaging can also fulfill a functional role as well. Are you shipping multiple smaller items in one package? Use partitions or packaging with die-cut holes to keep these items separated. If your products need to keep one side up, packaging can also be designed to make this easier. A quick look online will show that there are a million ways for designing packaging that is aesthetically pleasing and serves a functional purpose.

5.Choice of Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainability and waste reduction are quickly becoming two incredibly important factors of the packaging industry. When designing custom packaging for your products, you’ll also be able to choose recycled or biodegradable materials. Cornstarch-based packing peanuts, cellulose, green foam, and even mushroom-based packaging are all popular packaging materials that will help reduce your environmental impact while still keeping your products safe.

6. Reduced Shipping and Material Costs

A big reason why custom packaging is a good investment is that it can drastically cut both material and shipping costs over time. Chances are that you’ve received a package from Amazon where the box was way too large for the product inside,and they just stuffed the box with air pillows or packing peanuts to fill the space. One-size-fits-all boxes are definitely easier (and cheaper) to order in bulk, but more often than not they lead to unnecessary shipping costs. 

Custom packaging can be tailored to find the perfect balance between package size and protection, reducing the need to go overboard with void fill materials. Optimized smaller package sizes also means optimized shipping costs, and these savings can really add up over time.

Looking for Custom Packaging for Your Products?

Preferred Packaging Is Here for You

Since our founding in 1985, we have been the preferred packaging solution for hundreds of businesses along the Front Range. We specialize in developing custom packaging that will both ensure that your products are protected during shipping and help your brand stand out. We also offer a wide selection of generic packaging products and materials to suit all your packaging and shipping needs.

Our warehouse, distribution, and logistics services can help you to streamline your packaging process and better utilize your warehouse space and better support your order fulfillment process. Our kitting and assembly services can take a load off your employees and help your business focus on other tasks, while our packaging equipment automation and installation services can further increase your packaging efficiency and aid in the transition to a more hands-off packaging process.

To see what Preferred Packaging Products can do for your business, give us a call at (303) 444-4774 or get in touch with us online to get started.

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