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Chipboard and solid fiber are two types of paperboard commonly used in packaging. Compared to corrugated cardboard, chipboard and solid fiber are stronger, more rigid, and more durable. They have better load-bearing capabilities than corrugated cardboard, and also use less material in their construction. Because of this, chipboard and solid fiber are popular alternatives to corrugated cardboard, and can give your packaging a sleeker and more professional look.

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Our Chipboard and Solid Fiber Product Selection

Please take a look at our wide selection of Chipboard and Solid Fiber Products:

  • Folding Cartons

    Folding Cartons

    We offer both stock and custom folding cartons made from chipboard or solid fiber, available in a wide range of dimensions, in order to suit your packaging needs.Get Quote

  • Plain Chipboard / Solid Fiber

    Plain Chipboard / Solid Fiber

    If you are looking for an unassuming or minimalistic appearance, our selection of plain chipboard and solid fiber packaging will help to keep your packages discrete.Get Quote

  • Printed Chipboard / Solid Fiber

    Printed Chipboard / Solid Fiber

    If you would like to put your company branding or other graphics onto your chipboard or solid fiber packaging, Preferred Packaging is able to accommodate your designs with our in-house design center.Get Quote

  • Die Cut Chipboard / Solid Fiber

    Die Cut Chipboard / Solid Fiber

    Our in-house design center is able to create die cut chipboard or solid fiber pieces in order to create a unique package that stands out from your competitors - leading to a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.Get Quote

  • Chipboard / Solid Fiber Pads

    Chipboard / Solid Fiber Pads

    Whether you are looking to reinforce envelopes and mailers during shipping, or to purchase chipboard/solid fiber pads in bulk for other uses, we offer a range of sizes to fit your packaging and materials needs.Get Quote

  • Chipboard / Solid Fiber Partitions

    Chipboard / Solid Fiber Partitions

    If you need to separate smaller items shipped together as a unit, or to protect sensitive items from damage in their packaging, our wide selection of stock and custom chipboard and solid fiber partitions can be used for any number of packaging needs.Get Quote

  • Point of Sale Displays

    Point of Sale Displays

    Shelf space isn't cheap. Maximize your products' visibility - and sales potential - with custom point of sale displays from our in-house design center. We will work with you to create an eye-catching display that will draw customers' attention and help your products stand out from your competitors.Get Quote