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We Have a Wide Variety of Stock Products to Suit All of Your Packaging Needs

We partner with a variety of top manufacturers to provide you with the best possible selection of shipping and packaging products. We have over 40,000 items in stock and ready to ship – many available with next day delivery!

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Stock Box Catalog

Please click here to see a comprehensive list of our Stock Box Catalog containing 163 stock boxes available for immediate shipment.

Our Product Selection

  • Custom & Stock Boxes

    Custom & Stock Boxes

    We specialize in distribution of a wide variety of corrugated boxes and other protective corrugated items to fit a wide variety of your product and shipping needs.More +

  • Assembly & Kitting

    Assembly & Kitting

    Looking to scale up and perform your own kitting and assembly? Take a look at Preferred's selection of kitting and assembly products so that you can realize your own fulfillment needs.More +

  • Cushioning Materials

    Cushioning Materials

    Preferred Packaging offers an incredible selection of cushioning materials made from a variety of materials – including plastic, foam, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft paper.More +

  • Packing Tape

    Packing Tape

    Preferred Packaging offers a huge selection of adhesive tape products to serve almost any need, regardless of industry.More +

  • Labels


    Quickly and clearly relate information about your packages – and the products inside – with Preferred Packaging’s labels. We have several labels readily available in stock and ready for immediate order, as well as the ability to custom print labels for your packages.More +

  • Bags


    Keep your products and equipment safe from dust, moisture, static, and other environmental factors with Preferred Packaging’s selection of bag products. We offer a variety of bags to fit your business needs, and can fabricate custom bags when standard options don’t match your specifications.More +

  • Dispensers


    If you are looking for dispensers that apply packaging tape, packing slips, and more, Preferred has a wide selection of dispensers to meet your needs.More +

  • Loosefill


    Make sure your products are safe during transit with Preferred Packaging's loose fill materials. Our loose fill materials are available for next day delivery so that your packages will always have the protection they need.More +

  • Shipping Equipment

    Shipping Equipment

    If you're ready to scale up and handle your own shipping logistics, take a look at Preferred's selection of shipping equipment and machinery.More +

  • Safety Supplies

    Safety Supplies

    No matter what industry you're in, employee safety is paramount. Ensure that your employees are protected on the job with Preferred's selection of safety supplies.More +

  • Chipboard & Solid Fiber

    Chipboard & Solid Fiber

    Need something more durable than corrugated packaging to protect your products? Check out Preferred's selection of chipboard and solid fiber products.More +

  • Mailers


    Mailers have become an incredibly popular option for shipping products due to the switch to dimensional weight charges for shipping. Preferred Packaging has several options available to help you find the best fit for your shipping needs.More +

  • Adhesives


    No matter what type of packaging you use during shipping, make sure it stays together with Preferred's wide selection of adhesive products.More +

  • Packing List Envelopes

    Packing List Envelopes

    Display your packing slips and/or invoices clearly with Preferred's selection of packing list envelope products. Our envelopes are available in a variety of sizes so that your packing lists are protected during shipping.More +

  • Industrial Films

    Industrial Films

    Industrial films serve a wide variety of purposes, including food packaging, medical packaging, and electronics. No matter the industry, Preferred's wide selection of industrial film products is sure to have what you need.More +

  • Banding


    If you're looking for a resource-efficient and sustainable way to bundle several products together, be sure to check out Preferred's selection of banding products.More +

  • Janitorial


    Ensure that your business or office stays clean with Preferred's selection of janitorial products. All items available for next day delivery to ensure that you're always stocked.More +

  • Clean Room

    Clean Room

    It's vital to keep dust, airborne particulates, and other contaminants at bay in order to maintain a clean room environment. Keep your clean rooms controlled with Preferred's selection of clean room products.More +