Stock & Custom Mailer Boxes, Tubes, and Envelopes

Mailers have become an incredibly popular option for shipping products due to the switch to dimensional weight charges for shipping. They are great for shipping smaller products that don’t need a traditional box. The term “mailers” actually refers to a wide range of packaging solutions:

  • Mailer boxes are easy to assemble due to their interlocking flaps and take up much less space and material than regular boxes.
  • Mailer tubes are incredibly rigid and work great for paper items. They’re also space-efficient, which can create savings on shipping costs.
  • Mailer envelopes are lightweight, durable, and can be padded inside or water-resistant. They work great for small, light, or slim products.

Depending on the type of product you want to ship, Preferred Packaging has several options available to help you find the best fit for your shipping needs.

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Our Stock & Custom Mailer Selection

Please take a look at our wide selection of Mailer Shipping Products:

  • Custom Mailers

    Custom Mailers

    If you are in need of custom mailer boxes, tubes, or envelopes, Preferred Packaging has everything needed to design the perfect mailer for your products. Our in-house CAD tables can create rapid prototypes and short production runs using different materials to develop and test the ideal packaging for your shipping needs.Get Quote

  • Printed Mailers

    Printed Mailers

    Looking to give your mailers a splash of color, apply a custom print pattern, or simply display your logo on the box? Preferred Packaging is able to help your mailer boxes, tubes, and envelopes stand out from the competition. We offer custom flexo printed (up to four colors) and digitally printed (nearly unlimited options) mailers.Get Quote

  • One Piece Folders (OPF)

    One Piece Folders (OPF)

    One Piece Folders (aka OPFs or One Piece Mailers) are made from one piece of cardboard that easily folds into shape. They usually have several layers of cardboard on each end, giving them increased stacking strength and protection. They are great for shipping books, picture frames, and other slim objects.Get Quote

  • Five Panel Folders

    Five Panel Folders

    Similar to OPFs, Five Panel Folders are made from one piece of cardboard, but are divided into five panels or sections. Their construction provides extra stacking strength and protection on the sides, and they're commonly used for shipping long, slim items such as picture frames, metal parts, or MDF pieces (e.g. bookshelf kits).Get Quote

  • Mailing Tubes

    Mailing Tubes

    Mailing tubes are cylindrical containers commonly used to ship posters, documents, and other items that are too wide for an envelope, but too thin to justify a box. They are usually made from corrugated cardboard or plastic and have reinforced end caps. The cylindrical shape makes them incredibly sturdy and prevents them from bending or collapsing during shipping.Get Quote

  • Triangular Tubes

    Triangular Tubes

    When you need extra protection for artwork, blueprints, or other important paper documents during shipping, triangular tubes may be the right choice. Triangular mailing tubes are very similar to cylindrical mailing tubes, but their corners act as extra reinforcements and prevent the packages from rolling around during shipping.Get Quote

  • Padded Mailers

    Padded Mailers

    When your products are too small for boxes or mailers but still need extra protection, padded mailers can be a great solution. Also known as cushioned mailers, these offer much-needed protection from drops, shocks, and vibrations. Common types include Padded Envelopes, Foam Mailers, and Bubble Mailers.Get Quote

  • Non-Padded Mailers

    Non-Padded Mailers

    Non-padded mailers refer to mailer envelopes that don't have any sort of padding or reinforcement. They can be made of Kraft paper or plastic. These are simple, cost-effective, and work well for items that don't need any added protection.Get Quote

  • Disk Mailers

    Disk Mailers

    Disk mailers are very slim and envelope-like. They are made for shipping CDs, DVDs, and BluRays. Disk mailers can usually fit three 3.5" disks or one disk with a case. They have a redi-strip closure that creates a seal to keep out water and dust. There are even mailer boxes made specifically for shipping vinyl records.Get Quote

  • Reinforced Mailers

    Reinforced Mailers

    Reinforced mailers are usually made from Kraft paper and reinforced with heavy-duty nylon threads. This makes them water-proof, tear-resistant, and durable. Reinforced mailers usually come in 3 main types: self-sealing, open-ended, and gusseted. They are perfect for sending or storing artwork, business records, and other paper documents.Get Quote

  • Tyvek® Mailers

    Tyvek® Mailers

    Tyvek® is a synthetic material made from high-density plastic fibers that are bonded and pressed into a sheet. This makes Tyvek® envelopes lightweight, water/humidity-resistant, and incredibly durable. They come in a wide variety of sizes, making them perfect for shipping all sorts of paper products including artwork, photos, and important documents.Get Quote