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Our Tape Product Selection

Please take a look at our wide selection of Tape Products:

  • Carton Sealing Tape

    Carton Sealing Tape

    Carton sealing tape (aka box sealing tape) is a packing tape used for a wide range of packaging needs. It is usually made from polypropylene, PVC, or even Kraft paper. The adhesive may be acrylic, hot melt rubber, or natural rubber. Carton sealing tape is usually available in 2" or 3" wide rolls, ranging anywhere from 5 yards to 2000 yards in length.Get Quote

  • Pressure-Sensitive Tape

    Pressure-Sensitive Tape

    Pressure-sensitive tape (aka PSA tape) is an adhesive tape that is directly influenced by the amount of pressure used to apply the adhesive. They are relatively thin and will stick to just about any type of surface as long as it's clean and dry. PSA tape comes in several varities, including single-coated, double-coated, transfer tape, and self-wound varieties.Get Quote

  • Reinforced Paper Tape

    Reinforced Paper Tape

    Reinforced paper tape (aka reinforced Kraft tape) is a self-adhesive tape made from two sheets of Kraft paper with fiberglass threads bonded between them. This makes reinforced paper tape incredibly durable, waterproof, and ideal for heavy-duty applications.Get Quote

  • Masking Tape

    Masking Tape

    Masking tape (aka painter's tape) is paper tape made with a relatively light adhesive that makes it easy to unwind and tear by hand. It is most often used for covering or "masking off" areas or objects when painting. Masking tape is most commonly beige, but can also be found in blue, green, and yellow, and is available in a wide range of widths and roll lengths.Get Quote

  • Filament Tape

    Filament Tape

    Filament tape (aka strapping tape) is commonly used for packaging and securing items that need a lot of tensile strength to hold. Filament tape is embedded with fiberglass strands, which makes it incredibly strong and tear-resistant. It's tensile strength varies from 100lbs per inch up to 600lbs per inch. Aside from packaging, filament tape is often used to bundle and secure boxes, pallets, and other items in groups.Get Quote

  • Duct Tape

    Duct Tape

    Duct tape (aka duck tape) is one of the most widely-recognized tape products available. Duct tape is made with a cloth or fabric backing, and is strong, flexible, and very sticky. It's most commonly sold in a silvery gray finish, but is available in all sorts of colors and printed designs. There are a couple variations of duct tape as well - a heat-resistant foil tape used for sealing HVAC ducts, and gaffer tape, which is used extensively in the TV, movie, and theater industries.Get Quote

  • Pouch Tape

    Pouch Tape

    Pouch tape is commonly used in shipping. It's sold in perforated labels on a roll that have adhesive edges with a non-adhesive center, which creates a pouch with a water-tight seal. This allows you to easily attach packing lists, shipping labels, and other documents to the outside of packages. They usually have a bright colored border that draws attention to the labels or documents so they're not accidentally thrown away.Get Quote

  • Transfer Tape

    Transfer Tape

    Transfer tape (aka application tape or pre-mask tape) is a tape with a removable adhesive on one side. It's usually made from paper or plastic film, and is usually sold in sheets or rolls. Transfer tape is most commonly used to apply vinyl decals or graphics to walls, windows, cars, and other objects. There are even transfer tapes with gridlines that can help apply vinyls more level or evenly spaced.Get Quote

  • Double Coated Tape

    Double Coated Tape

    Double coated tape (aka double sided tape) has adhesive applied to both sides of the tape. It's designed to quickly stick two surfaces together, such as sticking something to a wall. Double coated tape is commonly used in construction, the automotive industry, and arts & crafts.Get Quote

  • Aisle Marking Tape

    Aisle Marking Tape

    Aisle marking tape is a durable vinyl tape meant to mark off walking aisles, loading areas, hazardous zones, and more in order to prevent accidents or injuries. It is easy to apply and sticks to a number of surfaces including laminate, unpolished concrete, and tile. Aisle marking tape is available in several bright colors for easy visibility and comes in 2", 3", or 4" wide rolls.Get Quote

  • Cellophane Tape

    Cellophane Tape

    Cellophane tape (aka office tape or Scotch tape) is a transparent tape made from processed cellulose. It's primarily used to make small repairs or wrap packages, but can be used in a variety of ways. Cellophane tape rolls generally come in sizes ranging from 0.5" to 3" in width.Get Quote

  • Foam Backed Tape

    Foam Backed Tape

    There are several types of foam backed tape, each with unique properties and made for unique purposes. Foam backed tape is commonly used for weather sealing, insulating, sound dampening, and cushioning. Foam tape can be made with either open cell foam (for better flexibility) or closed cell foam (more sturdy and waterproof). Foam tape rolls are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and foam types depending on its intended use.Get Quote

  • Security Tape

    Security Tape

    Security tape (aka tamper-proof tape or tamper-evident tape) is used to create a secure seal that clearly identifies if a package has been previously opened. The tape is applied normally, but when removed leaves behind a print on the item that shows the item has been opened or tampered with. They are commonly used in product shipments, unit loads, and even transporting medical samples for testing.Get Quote

  • Speciality Tapes

    Speciality Tapes

    Specialty tapes refers to an almost countless array of adhesive tapes made for a single or specific purpose. Some examples of specialty tape includes:

    • Anti-slip tape
    • Soundproofing tape
    • Fire tape
    • Vibration dampening tape
    • Die-cut tape
    Get Quote

  • Water Activated Tape

    Water Activated Tape

    Water activated tape (aka gummed tape or gummed paper tape) is made with either an adhesive that gets sticky when wet. It is usually made with a Kraft paper backing, and is most often used for closing and sealing boxes.Get Quote

  • Custom Printed Tape

    Custom Printed Tape

    If you would like colored tape or to add custom branding, warning labels, or other images or text, Preferred Packaging is able to meet your needs for customized tape. Get Quote