Hand & Machine Stretch Films, Shrink Wrap Film, and Poly Sheeting

If you’re planning on shipping or storing your products in large volumes or pallets, industrial films will ensure that your products stay waterproof, weatherproof, and tamperproof. Preferred Packaging offers industrial films in a variety of gauges, widths, and lengths – whether you wrap your pallets by hand or machine, we have the industrial film that fits your needs.

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Our Stock & Custom Industrial Film Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Industrial Film Products:

  • Stretch Film

    Stretch Film

    Stretch film is a thin film typically made from polyethylene and is primarily used to secure pre-packaged goods on pallets for storage or shipping. Stretch film is able to extend its length by up to 300%, using this tension to keep everything held in place. 3 common types of stretch film include blown stretch film, cast stretch film, and pre-stretched film.Get Quote

  • Machine Stretch Film

    Machine Stretch Film

    Machine stretch film is specially designed to be applied via machine in high-volume packaging operations. Machine stretch film rolls are wider and longer than hand rolls and can weigh well over 100 lbs. Machine rolls are available anywhere from 20" to 80" wide.Get Quote

  • Hand Stretch Film

    Hand Stretch Film

    Hand stretch film is typically used in low-volume packaging operations. It's applied manually, typically with either a handheld dispenser or a portable standing dispenser. Because of this, hand stretch film rolls are smaller than machine rolls - hand rolls often range between 10" to 18" and generally weigh less than 10 lbs.Get Quote

  • Shrink Film

    Shrink Film

    Shrink film (aka shrink wrap) is used for packaging products. It uses heat to form around the shape of products being packaged, usually by using a heat gun, or by passing it through a heat tunnel if the packaging process has been automated. It's important to note that shrink film and stretch film are not interchangeable: shrink film does not stretch, while stretch film doesn't shrink and can't be heat treated)Get Quote

  • Poly Sheeting

    Poly Sheeting

    Poly sheeting (often referred to as construction film or Visqueen) is made from low-density polyethylene. Poly sheeting is flexible, durable, and has moisture-resistant and chemical-resistant properties. Poly sheeting is available in translucent or black; black works well for concealing or covering products and offers UV protection because it is fully opaque.Get Quote