Tape Dispensers, Label Dispensers, Stretch Wrap Dispensers, & More

Whether you need to apply tape or labels to packages, wrap up pallets for shipping, or replace a broken soap dispenser in the warehouse bathroom, Preferred Packaging has the dispensers to meet your needs.

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Our Dispensers Product Selection

Please take a look at our wide selection of Chipboard and Solid Fiber Products:

  • Tape Dispensers

    Tape Dispensers

    We offer a variety of tape dispensers for your packaging and business needs, including dispensers made for desks/office settings, simple hand dispensers for light use in packaging, or dispensers with handles intended for heavy use cases.Get Quote

  • Label Dispensers

    Label Dispensers

    Shipping and Packaging require a lot of labels - shipping labels, caution labels, hazardous materials labels, and more. No matter what types of labels your products need, we offer label dispensers that can accomodate labels of nearly any size to fit your packaging needs.Get Quote

  • Paper Dispensers

    Paper Dispensers

    Paper is one of the most common materials used in the packaging industry. Whatever type of paper your products require, our selection of paper dispensers make it easy to store and utilize paper when you need it.Get Quote

  • Loosefill Dispensers

    Loosefill Dispensers

    Easily fill packages with packing peanuts, shredded newspaper, and other types of loosefill with our selection of loosefill dispensers.Get Quote

  • Stretch Wrap Dispensers

    Stretch Wrap Dispensers

    Stretch wrap dispensers make it easy to apply stretch wrap while lessening hand fatigue and the chance of injury. Our selection of stretch wrap dispensers will make quick work of wrapping pallets and bundling items for shipping.Get Quote

  • Banding Dispensers

    Banding Dispensers

    Our banding dispensers allow you to easily transport and apply large steel or poly banding rolls whether you need to bundle items for shipping, secure items inside a semi trailer, or reinforce boxes and crates.Get Quote

  • Towel Dispensers

    Towel Dispensers

    Towel dispensers help improve hygiene, reduce waste, and can also help improve efficiency. Make sure towels are always on-hand with our selection of towel dispensers.Get Quote

  • Soap Dispensers

    Soap Dispensers

    Clean hands help prevent workplace illnesses and ensure products aren't contaminated with germs or other pathogens. Help keep your workplace germ- and illness-free with our selection of soap dispensers.Get Quote

  • Cup Dispensers

    Cup Dispensers

    Help your customers and employees enjoy your water coolers or coffee makers with our selection of cup dispensers. Our cup dispensers can accommodate a wide range of cup sizes, paper or plastic.Get Quote

  • Bathroom Tissue Dispensers

    Bathroom Tissue Dispensers

    A well-stocked bathroom helps improve hygiene and keeps workers happy. Our selection of bathroom tissue dispensers will help ensure that there's always a roll within reach.Get Quote