Stock and Custom Shipping Labels, Hazard Labels, International Shipping Labels, & More

Quickly and clearly relate information about your packages – and the products inside – with Preferred Packaging’s labels. With several labels readily available in stock and ready for immediate order, as well as the ability to custom print labels for your packages, we can provide the labels you need to serve your shipping needs.

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Our Stock & Custom Label Selection

Please take a look at our wide selection of Label Shipping Products:

  • Branded & Custom Labels

    Branded & Custom Labels

    If pre-made labels don't meet your packaging needs, Preferred Packaging offers custom printing services for a wide variety of label types. Our goal is to help create the perfect package for your products.Get Quote

  • Shipping Labels

    Shipping Labels

    Shipping labels between the major carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) are all slightly different. Preferred Packaging can supply any shipping labels you need in order to meet your carrier's standards.Get Quote

  • Caution Labels

    Caution Labels

    Let package handlers and customers know about any special care your packages require with caution labels. Letting others know how to handle your packages reduces the risk of your products arriving damaged or broken.

    • Fragile
    • This Side Up Arrows
    • Handle With Care - Glass
    • and more...
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  • Hazard Labels

    Hazard Labels

    There are strict regulations regarding shipping hazardous materials. Preferred Packaging can provide you with the full range of hazmat labels in order to meet these guidelines and inform others about the contents of your packages.

    • Flammable Liquid/Gas
    • Corrosive
    • Toxic
    • and more…
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  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    Preferred Packaging offers a wide variety of IATA-compliant package labels, including IATA DGR (Dangerous Good Regulations) labels.Get Quote

  • International Shipping Labels

    International Shipping Labels

    Preferred Packaging offers international shipping labels to ensure that your products can reach customers - no matter what side of the world they're on.Get Quote

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Labels

    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Labels

    Electrostatic Discharge or Anti-Static Caution labels are used when shipping items that are sensitive to static shocks, like computer parts or electronics. These bright yellow labels will let others know to take extra care with your products.Get Quote

  • Mailing Labels

    Mailing Labels

    Mailing labels make labeling postage fast and error-free. They are easily applied to letters, flat mailers, or small packages. Not to be confused with shipping labels, mailing labels allow you to easily write postage, shipping addresses, return addresses, and certified mail forms.Get Quote

  • Military Labels

    Military Labels

    Military shipping labels are used to meet MIL-STD-129 requirements for shipments and storage containers. The Department of Defense put MSLs in place in order to improve the accuracy and productivity of the DoD's receiving department.Get Quote

  • Tip N Tell Labels

    Tip N Tell Labels

    Tip N Tells labels (or indicators) are used to tell if packages have been tipped over or put on their side during transit. These brightly-colored labels contain a V-shaped arrow that is half-filled with blue dye. If the package is tipped more than 80° from vertical, the white part of the arrow turns blue, making it easy to identify package mishandling. Tip N Tell labels are internationally-recognized, making them ideal for shipping sensitive packages abroad.Get Quote

  • Shock Watch Labels

    Shock Watch Labels

    Similar to Tip N Tell Labels, Shock Watch labels (aka indicators) are used to detect package mishandling. They have a small indicator that turns red when the package has been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit. These indicators can detect an impact from the top, bottom, sides, or even corners. Shock Watch labels are available for a wide range of package sizes and weights, generally denoted by their color.Get Quote

  • Pictorial Labels

    Pictorial Labels

    Pictorial labels use images that convey quick information about packages. Most of the time these are used as Caution or Warning labels like examples listed above, but other examples of pictorial labels include:

    • Fragile - Delicate Instruments
    • Do Not Stack
    • Keep Dry
    • Do Not Use Blades To Open
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  • Thermal Transfer Labels + Ribbons

    Thermal Transfer Labels + Ribbons

    Thermal transfer labels are created by running a ribbon of ink between a label and printhead. When heated, the printhead transfers the ink from the ribbon onto the label. The ink in transfer ribbons can be made for simple, everyday printing, or rougher use - like being able to withstand chemicals or solvents. Thermal transfer labels generally are long lasting and able to withstand moisture, abrasion, and UV fairly well.Get Quote