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Employee safety is vital for any company to thrive, regardless of industry. Safety supplies prevent injuries, illnesses, and other incidents in the workplace. Make sure your employees are protected with Preferred’s selection of safety supplies.

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Our Safety Supplies Product Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Safety Supplies Products:

  • Gloves


    Nitrile gloves are ideal for handling chemicals, abrasives, and other potentially hazardous substances. They can also ensure that electronics or other sensitive products aren't damaged or contaminated by fingerprints or skin oils. Nitrile is puncture-resistant and latex-free. Our nitrile gloves are available in different sizes and varying thicknesses ("mils") to best fit your needs.Get Quote

  • Safety Mats

    Safety Mats

    Safety mats are used to guard floor areas around heavy machinery, electrical equipment, or other hazards in the workplace. They clearly mark off areas that shouldn't be walked on and reduce the risk of injuries or accidents.Get Quote

  • Floor Mats

    Floor Mats

    Floor mats help prevent accidents by keeping shoes/boots clean and dry, and can also have more specific uses in the workplace. Common types of floor mats include:

    • Interior/Exterior Door Mats
    • Non-Slip Surface Mats
    • Anti-Static Mats
    • Drainage Mats
    • Cleanroom Mats
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  • Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Jobs that require standing for extended periods can take a toll on your feet, legs, and back. Anti-fatigue mats, made from cushiony PVC foam, provide relief and comfort to workers on assembly lines, packing tables, and more. Our anti-fatigue mats are available in a wide range of dimensions and foam thicknesses to suit your needs.Get Quote

  • Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses

    Safety glasses are essential PPE for jobs that run the risk of particles, liquids, or other hazards coming into contact with the eyes. OSHA regulations require employers to provide appropriate PPE - including safety glasses - to employees in order to mitigate the risk of injury. Make sure your employees are protected with Preferred's selection of safety glasses.Get Quote

  • Masks


    Many industries require the use of particulate respirators (aka masks, safety masks, or respirators) to keep airborne particles, such as dust or smoke, from entering the respiratory tract. Breathe easy with Preferred's selection of masks that will protect your lungs from harmful air-borne contaminants.Get Quote