Stock and Custom Packing List Envelopes

Packages can’t be handled effectively without the proper paperwork. Keeping your documents with your packages is easy with Preferred’s selection of packing list envelopes. Our envelopes are made from durable polyethylene and feature a strong adhesive that can stick to cardboard, plastic, metal, or wood. We also offer all packing list envelopes in a wide range of sizes to ensure that your documents will be well-protected during shipping.

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Our Packing List Envelope Product Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Packing List Envelopes:

  • Packing List Enclosed

    Packing List Enclosed

    Protect your packing lists with our Packing List Enclosed envelopes. Our durable envelopes keep your packing lists safe while their adhesive ensures that they aren't lost in transit.Get Quote

  • Invoice Enclosed

    Invoice Enclosed

    Our Invoice Enclosed envelopes are marked with brightly colored high-vis panels, making them easily identifiable. With different colored panels available, our envelopes make sure your invoices arrive undamaged.Get Quote

  • Clear Face

    Clear Face

    Clear face (aka plain face) packing list envelopes prominently display their contents without any bright markings or stickers. Get Quote

  • IBM Style

    IBM Style

    Our IBM Style packing list envelopes are perfect for reusable packages. With one non-sealing open end, you can easily change packing lists without the need to apply a new envelope every time.Get Quote

  • Custom Sizes

    Custom Sizes

    If stock envelope sizes aren't the best fit for your documents, we are able to make custom sized envelopes so that your documents arrive safely with their packages.Get Quote

  • Custom Print

    Custom Print

    If you are interested in customized packing list envelopes, Preferred is able to provide custom printed envelopes to fit your specifications.Get Quote