Newsprint, Biodegradable Loose Fill, Anti-Static Loose Fill, & More

Make sure your products are safe during transit with Preferred Packaging’s loose fill materials. Loose fill materials fill any empty spaces inside packages to prevent items inside from sliding around and possibly becoming damaged. Our loose fill materials are available for next day delivery so that your packages will always have the protection they need.

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Our Stock Loosefill Selection

Please take a look at our wide selection of Loosefill Shipping Products:

  • Newsprint


    Newsprint is incredibly cost-effective as both a loose fill material and to wrap items that don't need a lot of protection in the packaging during shipping. Our newsprint measures 27" x 30" and is sold in bundles of 25 sheets each.Get Quote

  • Tissue Wrapping Paper

    Tissue Wrapping Paper

    Tissue wrapping paper is another cost-effective loose fill and is also popular in gift wrapping or stuffing gift bags. Our tissue wrapping paper is available in white, measures 20" x 30", and is sold in reams of 960 sheets each.Get Quote

  • Biodegradable Loose Fill

    Biodegradable Loose Fill

    Biodegradable packing peanuts are an environmentally-friendly loose fill option and work great for most packaging needs. Biodegradable packing peanuts are made from starch (usually corn starch or wheat starch) and are naturally anti-static. They also easily dissolve in water after use without leaving harmful residue or chemicals.Get Quote

  • Anti-Static Loose Fill

    Anti-Static Loose Fill

    Anti-static loose fill products resist static build-up, making them perfect for protecting smartphones, tablets, computers, and other sensitive electronics parts or devices. Anti-static products are generally dyed pink for easy identification. Get Quote

  • Air Pillows

    Air Pillows

    Air pillows are made of HDPE plastic and filled with air to provide protection during shipping. They come in a variety of sizes, and the amount of air added can be adjusted to provide the optimal amount of protection. Air pillows add practically zero weight to packages, which can create savings on shipping costs.Get Quote

  • Bagged


    Bagged loose fill products allow for easy use and storage. We offer both biodegradable and anti-static loose fill products in bags with next day delivery available.Get Quote