Clean Room Apparel, Disinfectants, Vacuum Sealers, & More

Clean rooms must remain compliant with strict regulations in order to prevent contamination or products – and to prevent personnel from being exposed to chemicals or other hazards. Make sure your clean room maintains the high standards necessary with Preferred Packaging’s selection of Clean Room Supplies.

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Our Clean Room Supplies & Equipment Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Clean Room Supplies and Equipment:

  • Bags


    Clean room bags are intended to store and transport items in and out of cleanrooms while avoiding the risk of contamination. There is a variety of cleanroom bag materials available depending on your business needs, including:

    • LDPE
    • HDPE
    • Polypropylene
    • Nylon
    • Moisture-Barrier Film
    • Anti-Static
    • Desiccants
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  • Poly Tubing

    Poly Tubing

    Clean room poly tubing is extremely durable and made from 100% virgin (i.e. unused and not recycled) LDPE and is usually sold in large rolls. The rolls have an opening on one end, allowing you to put objects inside and seal the tube, usually by heat, staples, or tape.Get Quote

  • Gloves


    Clean room gloves are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that products are protected from contamination during handling. Clean room gloves are typically made from latex, nitrile, or vinyl, each with their own pros and cons - your industry needs will dictate what material is best to choose.Get Quote

  • Bouffant Caps

    Bouffant Caps

    Bouffant caps are used to keep stray hairs from users' heads from contaminating products. They are a loose cap that stretches to fit users' heads and are typically secured with an elastic band. Bouffant caps are used in clean room settings in a wide variety of industries, such as the food, medical, and electronics industries.Get Quote

  • Apparel


    When working in a clean room, it's vital that you prevent clothing from introducing lint, hair, skin cells, and other particles to products. Clean room apparel ensures that you're not compromising your clean room, protecting both products and personnel. Our selection of clean room apparel includes:

    • Boot Covers
    • Coveralls
    • Face Masks
    • Frocks / Lab Coats
    • Gowns
    • Sleeve protectors
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  • Nylon Vacuum Sealers

    Nylon Vacuum Sealers

    Vacuum sealers are the ideal choice when a perfect seal is necessary to protect products and prevent contamination. Vacuum sealers remove all air from packaging then apply a heat seal, creating a secure package that prevents air, moisture, and contaminants from entering the packaging. Vacuum sealers are commonly used in clean room applications for food products, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.Get Quote

  • Disinfectants


    Ensure that your clean room maintains standards with Preferred Packaging's selection of Clean Room Disinfectants. Our clean room disinfectants include:

    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Bleach
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Phenol
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  • Sticky Mats

    Sticky Mats

    Clean room sticky mats (aka tacky mats) remove dirt, dust, and other debris from shoes before entering a clean room. They are coated with a special adhesive that does not leave a sticky residue on the surface of shoes. Sticky mats are disposable and are sold in sheets - when the sticky mat sheet is dirty, dispose of it and place down a new one.Get Quote