Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Soaps, & More

Good hygiene is vital to having happy and efficient workers. Preferred Packaging has a range of janitorial supplies that will help your business stay clean, promoting a healthier work environment for everyone.

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Our Janitorial Supplies & Product Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Janitorial Supplies & Products:

  • Soaps


    Preferred Packaging offers a wide range of soaps for a variety of uses, including bathroom hand soap, floor cleaning soap, and industrial-strength soap products for heavy-duty use.Get Quote

  • Bathroom Tissue

    Bathroom Tissue

    No one wants to be stranded in the bathroom because it isn't well-stocked. Preferred Packaging has a wide selection of bathroom tissue products that will keep your workers hygienic and happy.Get Quote

  • Rolled Paper Towels

    Rolled Paper Towels

    Our selection of rolled paper towels will ensure that your workers' hands are dry, keeping them happy and efficient.Get Quote

  • Single-Fold Paper Towels

    Single-Fold Paper Towels

    Preferred Packaging has the single-fold paper towels you need to keep your dispensers stocked.Get Quote

  • Multi-Fold Paper Towels

    Multi-Fold Paper Towels

    Our selection of multi-fold paper towels will keep your dispensers stocked and your workers dry and happy.Get Quote

  • C-Fold Paper Towels

    C-Fold Paper Towels

    Preferred Packaging has the C-fold paper towels you need to keep your dispensers stocked.Get Quote

  • Wipers


    Our selection of wiper towels are strong and durable, making them perfect for a wide range of cleaning purposes such as wiping down surfaces and cleaning up liquid, grease, or oil spills.Get Quote

  • Sanitary Napkins

    Sanitary Napkins

    Preferred Packaging offers a selection of sanitary napkins in order to help you promote feminine hygiene in the workplace.Get Quote

  • Tampons


    Our selection of tampons help you promote feminine hygiene in the workplace and ensure that your workers are clean and comfortable.Get Quote

  • Can Liners

    Can Liners

    Our selection of high-density can liners are well-suited for use as light-duty bin liners, such as in offices or classrooms. Low-density can liners, on the other hand, are your typical large black trash bags - stronger, thicker, and more tear/puncture resistant than HD can liners - making them suitable for work in janitorial services, warehouses, and construction.Get Quote