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Banding materials (aka strapping materials) are used in a variety of industries to combine, stabilize, or secure items for a variety of purposes. Most commonly used in the packaging industry to bundle items together on pallets, skids, or crates, other uses for banding materials includes:

  • Attaching items to flatcars or flatbed trailers
  • Bundling items such as newspapers, pipes, or lumber
  • Reinforcing corrugated boxes or wooden crates
  • Securing items within boxcars, semi trailers, or shipping containers

No matter what your needs are, Preferred Packaging’s banding products will ensure that your items will stay secured and ready for storage or transport.

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Our Banding Materials and Accessories Product Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Banding Products:

  • Steel Banding (Steel Strapping)

    Steel Banding (Steel Strapping)

    There are two main types of steel banding: galvanized steel and stainless steel. Both galvanized steel and stainless steel banding are moisture, rust, and corrosion resistant, although stainless steel tends to last longer due to its construction.Get Quote

  • Poly Banding (Poly Strapping)

    Poly Banding (Poly Strapping)

    Polypropylene banding is the most common and least expensive banding material. It's best utilized for light-duty pallet loads, closing boxes, bundling items together, and unitizing items. Poly banding is available in a variety of colors, making color-coding shipments easy.Get Quote

  • Poly Strap Pac

    Poly Strap Pac

    These all-in-one kits have everything you need to apply and properly secure plastic strapping. Kits include poly bands, buckles, tensioners, and cutters (sometimes combined into one easy to use tool).Get Quote

  • Automatic Banders

    Automatic Banders

    Automatic banding machines are meant to handle high-volume operations through speed, efficiency, and reliability. Automatic banding machines allow you to scale up your production line and can be customized to fit your growing needs.Get Quote

  • Tensioners


    Tensioners are tools that use ratchets to tighten and apply large amounts of tension on banding before the seal is applied to secure them. Many tensioners also have a cutter built-in to cut the strap once the seal has been applied.Get Quote

  • Sealers (Crimpers)

    Sealers (Crimpers)

    Sealer tools (aka crimpers or crimping tools) bind banding together, either by pressure or heat. Heat sealers bind the banding itself together, while traditional sealer tools use pressure to crimp a seal down and hold the banding together. Heavy-duty sealers are available with longer handles that make it easier to apply seals or apply heavier seals with less effort.Get Quote

  • Cutters


    Cutters are used to cut straps once they have been wrapped and sealed. Excess banding from both steel and poly bands can easily cause cuts due to their sharp edges. Cutters can easily cut bands to length, trim corners to prevent sharp edges, and to remove banding after shipping.Get Quote

  • Dispensers


    Banding dispensers make it easy to wrap products or pallets by providing portability and keeping banding rolls manageable. Brakes built into the dispenser prevent the rolls from turning or unwinding when the user stops pulling or when the dispenser isn't being used. Dispensers are generally designed for either steel or poly banding - not both - and for specific banding dimensions.Get Quote

  • V Board

    V Board

    V boards protect both banding and products from damage during shipping or storage. They stick up slightly higher than the banding to prevent it from being damaged, while also providing a solid backing to the banding to prevent them cutting into or damaging loads.Get Quote

  • Corner Protectors

    Corner Protectors

    Corner protectors provide extra protection to your loads by displacing the bandings' tension while also preventing banding from coming undone due to sharp edges or impacts.Get Quote

  • Seals


    Seals are used to keep banding aligned and bind it together by applying significant amounts of pressure to crimp down on the banding with a sealer tool. Seals permanently bind banding together and can't be reapplied or adjusted.Get Quote

  • Buckles (Clips)

    Buckles (Clips)

    Buckles (aka clips) are used to keep tension on banding during shipping, preventing bands from coming loose or sliding. While applying seals is a one-and-done thing, buckles/clips allow banding to be retightened if needed. There are several types of buckles that use various methods to hold banding together.Get Quote