Stretch Wrap Machines, Strapping Machines, Shipping Carts, & More

Looking to streamline your packaging process? Preferred Packaging’s selection of packaging equipment allows you to automate your operations, ensuring greater speed and efficiency. This increased production will allow you to cater to a larger volume of orders as your business grows – helping your sales, profits, and brand image.

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Our Shipping Equipment Product Selection

Please take a look at our selection of Shipping Equipment:

  • Stretch Wrap

    Stretch Wrap

    Stretch wrap machines turn the product itself while wrapping, getting rid of the need for users to walk around a pallet while applying the stretch wrap. This allows users to quickly and easily wrap pallets, bundles, and other items while reducing fatigue. They also create a much tighter and more secure wrap than manual hand wrapping can provide.Get Quote

  • Shrink Wrap

    Shrink Wrap

    Shrink wrap machines are all-in-one systems that allow users to package a variety of products quickly. Simply place your products into the shrink chamber and close the lid - the machine automatically applies heat to seal and shrink the wrap quickly and easily. Machines are available with different shrink chamber dimensions to accommodate a variety of product sizes.Get Quote

  • Poly Bags

    Poly Bags

    Poly bag machines are designed to automatically open, fill, and seal poly bags or lay-flat poly tubes in order to make the packaging process much quicker and easier. They are well-suited for heavy-duty shipping applications and can accommodate a wide range of poly bag or tubing dimensions.Get Quote

  • Strapping


    Strapping machines are made with high-volume shipping use in mind and greatly speed up the strapping process. After the user feeds the strapping through the machine, it automatically applies tension and heat-sealing to plastic strapping, greatly reducing fatigue caused by removing the need to apply tension and seal the straps by hand.Get Quote

  • Stapling


    Carton staplers are designed for fastening and securing corrugated boxes in medium to heavy-duty shipping applications. Top staplers are the most common type of carton staplers, and come in two basic variations - pneumatic top staplers use air pressure to automatically apply the carton staples, while manual top staplers are hand-operated and meant for more low-volume applications.Get Quote

  • Shipping Carts

    Shipping Carts

    Shipping carts allow for easy transport of products, materials, and other supplies in warehouses or other business settings. There are several designs available with specific product size and weight capacities in mind in order to suit your business needs.Get Quote

  • Racking Systems

    Racking Systems

    Racking systems are storage solutions designed for stacking materials - such as pallets, boxes, and other bulk storage - in warehouses or other industrial facilities. Warehouse racking allows you to maximize your available storage space and better organize your products. Racks are rated at different load (weight) capacities per shelf - the greater the distance between each rack shelf, the lower the load capacity.Get Quote